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h1. Baseband 6630 (KDU 137 848/11) 

 Ericsson Baseband 6630 Digital Unit is 5G Ready and Full Mixed-mode – It runs GSM, WCDMA, LTE and IoT concurrently on a single Baseband board and ready for 5G.  

 h2. Connectors 

 h3. Power (-48v) 

 Connector type: ET20 A ( 
 Possible cable options: 

 | RPM 777 526/L | 2 wire ET connector to 3 wire ET connector used for Power 6610. | 
 | RPM 777 527/L | 3 wire with open end. | 
 | RPM 777 528/L | 3-wire with loop to 2-wire open end. | 

 Lengths 01000, 02500, 05000, 10000. 

 The unit supports 3-wire (DC-I) power feed. It can also support 2-wire (DC-C) power feed by making a jumper 
 connection in the power cable. 


 h3. TN (A,B,C,D) 

 h3. IDL (A,B) 

 These ports are used for connecting 2 base-bands together 

 h3. CPRI (A-Q) 

 These ports are used for connecting the radio units (RU and/or RRU) 

 h3. Sync 

 Local GPS connection (can also be done via IP/TN ports) 

 h3. SAU 

 Interface for connection of a Support Alarm Unit 

 h3. LMT 

 Local management access 
 Base Band IP 

 h3. EC 

 Enclosure Control Bus (ECB), possibly rs485 

 h3. Alarm (1 & 2) 

 h2. Dumping the flash 

 pin 1 VCC 
 pin 3 USBD- 
 pin 5 USBD+ 
 pin 7 GND 
 pin 9 plug 

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