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h1. TCU 02 

 This is basically a [[SIU 02]] re-packaged from 1U into the RBS6000 form-factor. 

 h2. Connectors 

 h3. Power 

 It uses the same connector like e.g. the [[DUL 20]] or [[DUG 20]] units. 

 h3. Console 

 This is an Some differences: 
 * 4x RJ45 Ethernet port.  

 It is configured to a fixed IP address with 2xE1 (each) instead of and provides telnet + SSH access. 

 The default user name is @admin@; the default password is @hidden@. 

 You will get access to a command line interface: 8x RJ14 with 2xE1 each 
 Connected to 
 Escape character is '^]'. 

 login: admin 
 STN CLI - ready 

 h3. Clock 

 The external clock port is labeled "GPS", and is now a * 8-pin GPS connector similar to the [[DUL 20]] or [[DUS 20]] and connects to a [[GPS 02]]. This instead of 10-pin SYNC connector as on the [[SIU 02]]. 

 h3. E1/T1 

 There are 8 E1/T1 ports, on 4 RJ-45 connectors. Same dual E1/T1 pinout as DAHDI cards.  

 Pinout TODO 

 h3. Transport Network 

 * 4x RJ45 Ethernet 
 * 4x 1G SFP cages for the Transport Network (TN).  

 The ports are combo, ie, you must choose a RJ-45 OR SFP (max 4 TN ports active). 

 h2. Configuration 

 h3. Basic Configuration 


 # Start Transaction 
 starttransaction trans1 

 # Hostname 
 setmoattribute trans1 STN=0 stn_name TCU0201-lab 

 # settime Year(1970->) Mon(1-12) Day(1-31) Hour(0-23) Min(0-59) Sec(0-59) Msec(0-999) 
 settime 2020 11 27 19 30 00 000 

 # Clock input from GPS 
 setmoattribute trans1 STN=0,Synchronization=0 synchType clockInput 

 # Create E1 interface 0 
 createmo trans1 STN=0,E1T1Interface=0 

 # Setup E1 port 0 to transmit timing from local src, and do not use any timing received on the line. 
 setmoattribute trans1 STN=0,E1T1Interface=0 type E1 
 setmoattribute trans1 STN=0,E1T1Interface=0 transmitClockSource localTiming 
 setmoattribute trans1 STN=0,E1T1Interface=0 receiveClockSource notUsed 


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