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Ericsson RBS 6000 architecture

The Ericsson RBS 6000 architecture consists of many different modules, roughly split into two parts:
  • Digital Unit (baseband)
  • Radio Unit (ADC/DAC/PA/Duplexer/Diversity/...)

The two units are interconnected via CPRI using SFP Transceivers (typically fiber optic based). As far as we know, for GSM the CPRI line speed is 2.5Gbps.

A single Digital Unit can drive multiple Radio Units (typically up to 6).

GSM support in RBS6xxx

Digital Unit

Radio Unit

  • RUG (Radio Unit GSM) for 2 GSM TRX
  • RUS (Radio Unit SDR) for 4 GSM TRX (or 3G/4G with DUW/DUL)
  • RRUS (Remote Radio Unit SDR) for 4 GSM TRX (or 3G/4G with DUW/DUL)

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Misc infos

The power connectors used on the RUS/DUx are TE connectivity 1982299-3 ( )
The power connector used on the RBS6601 enclosure is Weidmuller 1060550000 ( )

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