doubango is an open source IMS client library created by Doubango Telecom. This library was created many years ago, and development seems to have ceased around 2016.

Judging from the website of Doubango Telecom, they are now working in AI vision and no longer related to IMS.

At the time, there were three proof-of-concept IMS clients implemented based on doubango:
  • boghe (SIP video client for Windows Phone 8, Surface PRO, and RCS client for WinXP/7/8)
  • IMSDroid (SIP/IMS client for Android)
  • iDoubs (SIP/IMS VideoPhone for iOS and Mac OS X)

The code base consists of a large variety of modules covering the various aspects of an IMS client, from SIP message encoding/decoding, SIP dialogues/transactions, SIP transport (with support for IPsec plugins), RTP handling, etc.

A list of features is available, as is a programmer manual

Osmocom fork

There is a fork at which includes the code developed within this project (Linux IPsec integration, SIM card integration, other fixes).

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