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horiz0n, 02/19/2016 10:50 PM

= Receiver Setup =

FunCube Dongle Pro + helical antenna


USRP + WBX + helical antenna

This setup works without any specific LNA, simply by using a USRP board with WBX front-end and a helical antenna


USRP + WBX + LNA + offset dish antenna

The signal chain looks as follows:

  • 80cm offset dish
  • selfmade RHCP feed (4 turns)
  • LNA BB 1020 A from Kuhne electronic (>28dB gain, 0.8dB NF)
  • L-Band dielectric filter
  • WBX with GDB (gain setting at 20dB)
  • USRP1 with standard clock

It is extremely helpful to observe the waterfall display while moving the dish. When adjusting for best reception, you have something like 10 degrees of margin in H and V direction. Gpredict has been used to evaluate Thuraya bearing with good results.

The antenna feed was built following the guidelines from Please note, that Thuraya uses LHC polarization, so the feed has to be RHCP because of the mirroring dish.


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