Here is the generic Linux Modem. This modem is totally software, it means that all the DSP stuff is done by the main CPU, as in some so called "winmodems".

  • Linmodem is also a research project. It contains all the necessary stuff to test new digital communication algorithms. The line simulator and the X11 interface can be used to simulate a complete communication chain.
  • Linmodem is the first modem to integrate a graphical user interface which shows the data transmitted graphically (QAM constellation, real time FFT of the received signal, etc...) and which will allow you to monitor the line quality.
  • Linmodem will work with any "winmodem" hardware, provided that we know how to make it send and receive samples (as a soundcard) to the telephone line.
  • Unlike the "winmodems", Linmodem will gracefuly integrate with Linux. In particular, It will be possible to share some ISDN code and to optimize closely the PPP handling so that the latency is dimished.
  • It gives us a total control over the modem code and the ability to develop our own "linux modem" protocols, which could potentially be more efficient than the ITU standards.

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