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acassis, 02/19/2016 10:49 PM

Nuttx can be configured differently depending on what we want.
The possible configs are: * compal_e88/nsh_highram : for the gta02 using the osmocon for the romloader * compal_e99/nsh_highram : for the c155 using osmocon + loader.compalram.bin as a loader * compal_e99/nsh_compalram : for the c155 using osmocon to load it

nsh is the nuttx shell(nuttx can also run standalone apps without a shell).

standalone nuttx
if you want a standalone nuttx(without linking to osmocombb for the drivers) do the following: {{{
make clean
make distclean

Remove sercomm directories: {{{
$ rm -rf drivers/sercomm
$ rm -rf include/nuttx/sercomm

Remove sercomm reference at drivers/Makefile: {{{
-include sercomm/Make.defs

Then configure nuttx

Then apply manually the following pseudo-diff in nuttx/.config : {{{
And then remove the following lines from nuttx/Make.defs: {{{
OSMODIR = $(TOPDIR)/../../osmocom-bb
EXTRA_LIBS = $(OSMODIR)/src/target/firmware/comm/libcomm.a \
$(OSMODIR)/src/shared/libosmocore/build-target/src/.libs/libosmocore.a \
$(OSMODIR)/src/target/firmware/calypso/libcalypso.a \
$(OSMODIR)/src/target/firmware/comm/libcomm.a # ^^^ Stupid hack! Why do I have to put it twice???
And then build as usual.

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