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gnutoo, 02/19/2016 10:49 PM

Nuttx-bb is a port of nuttx on phones compatible with osmocom-bb.
Currently it was tested on: * The GTA02 * The Motorola W220. * The Motorola c155. News * poweroff support was added on the poweroff gitorious branch * initial support for the calypso and compal_e99 and compal_e88 were merged in the upstream nuttx Resources * [wiki:nuttx-bb/compile]: How to compile nuttx-bb * [wiki:nuttx-bb/run] : How to load and run nuttx-bb * [wiki:nuttx-bb/apps] : How to run applications on top of the NSH shell * [wiki:nuttx-bb/code-audit] : Code audit for inclusion upstream ( nuttx is BSD while osmocom-bb is GPL)
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