Network Structure

Right now, the network has one central hub, located in the basement of laforge, behind consumer DOCSIS internet access. The setup is later supposed to move to a data center colocation, once it is more stable.

The hub machine is called divo


Physical E1 trunks

1x TE820 card with 8x physical E1 ports

Port User Equipment Notes
1 manawyrm Auerswald_COMmander_Basic2 hub-side icE1usb + osmo-e1d on divo
2 laforge Auerswald_COMmander_Basic2 localy connected
3 laforge Livingston_Portmaster_3 locally connected
5 gruetzkopf ? hub-side icE1usb + osmo-e1d on divo
6 roox Livingston_Portmaster_3 hub-side icE1usb + osmo-e1d on apu-left next to divo
7 cquirin ? hub-side icE1usb + osmo-e1d on rpi4build1 next to divo

Virtual E1 trunks

Implemented by running the dahdi-trunkdev driver against osmo-e1d on divo itself.

DAHDI Trunk Name == User
9 @tmwapl
10 DrDeke
11 tom/sirtux
12 tnt

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