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matt, 10/22/2017 09:15 AM

Install Instructions

The current version of OP25 is installed via pybombs

To install OP25 using pybombs, run these commands

git clone git://
cd pybombs
@./pybombs install gr-op25

It should be OK to take all the defaults when asked for pybombs options. The installation process may take a long time. It isn't necessary to install GNURadio as a separate step, since GNURadio is automatically installed by pybombs as are other gr-op25 prerequisites.

Once pybombs has finished you must set up the environment

./pybombs env

This will generate the proper environment-setting commands and write them to a file. The name of the file is printed, for example
/foo/bar/ Now you must stream those commands into your running shell by using the following command

source /foo/bar/

You must replace the example file name shown above (/foo/bar/ with the actual name that "./pybombs env" printed.

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