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h1. OP25 Presentations 

 h2. This page contains interviews and presentations about OP25. 

 h3. Audio 

 "Bricking police radios with P25 vulnerabilities":    -- an interview with Stevie following Stevie+Matt's RUXCON 2010 presentation. 

 h3. Video 

 Balint's "GRC "[ GRC based P25 DES-OFB receiver": receiver]" video that demonstrates P25 reception from an encrypted XTS5000 being received by OP25 using a $20 USB TV dongle: 


 Matt's [ APCO P25 Security Revisited: The Practical Attacks] talk on P25 security flaws from RUXCON 2011: 


 Balint's "[ Hacking the wireless world with Software Defined Radio]" talk from RUXCON 2011: 

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