New commit log mailing list for all git repos

Added by laforge about 10 years ago

We haven't had a functioning commit log mailinglist since mid-2009, when the revision control system of openbsc was converted from svn to git.

Especially today, with the large number of separate git repositories on, it is very easy to loose track of what other developers are doing.

The new mailing list 'osmocom-commitlog' (renamed from openbsc-commits) will receive updates from all repositories on

Feel free to subscribe at

Problems with our git repositories

Added by laforge about 10 years ago

We're sorry to report that there are some problems with our git repositories at the moment, resulting in 'early EOF / index-pack failed' messages when users are attempting to clone one of our repositories.

The problem has been thoroughly analyzed, but even after many hours of analysis, no solution has been found yet. Your best chance is to keep re-trying the clone, in 5-10% of the cases it will succeed.

More technical details are available at this posting to the git mailing list:

Sorry for the inconvenience.

OpenBSC syslog and logfile support

Added by laforge about 10 years ago

Today I've been working on adding support for logging via syslog and to dedicated log files into our libosmocore and libosmovty libraries.

This means you can now finally log not only to stderr of the running process, but also configure any number of log files (each with its own log categories/levels) and through syslog.

In addition, all of the settings can now be configured from the vty (and persistently in the configuration file). You can also re-configure the log levels for those files (and stderr!) at runtime.

Please see the following new commands on the vty:

log file FILENAME
log syslog
log stderr
no log (syslog|stderr)
no log file FILENAME

Within each of those log vty nodes, you can then use the familiar commands like 'logging level mm debug' or 'log filter all 1' in order to configure which subsystems should log with what level of verbosity to the given target.

The abovementioned logging support is immediately available to all Osmocom programs, including osmo-nitb, osmo-bsc, gb_proxy, osmo-sgsn, bsc_nat and many others.

OpenBSC git repository URL change

Added by laforge over 10 years ago

Today, I have moved the remaining projects on git:// (aka git:// to the central git:// location.

This helps us to consolidate all our git repositories on one server.

The git URL of the main OpenBSC repository has changed from

git:// (read-only) (write)

git:// (read-only) (write)

In order to update your local repository with the new URL, simply use the git remote set-url command, like in the following examples.

for those of you with read-only access:

git remote set-url origin git://

for people with write/commit access:
git remote set-url origin

The other two repositories that have changed in similar way are openggsn.git and chan_openbsc.git.

OpenBSC License change to AGPLv3

Added by laforge over 10 years ago

Today, the OpenBSC project announces a licensing change from GPLv2+ to AGPLv3+.

The reasoning behind this license change is simple: OpenBSC is developed as Free Software in a collaborative, community-driven process. Anyone running a GSM network using OpenBSC should be mandated to release any modifications to the OpenBSC codebase to the general public - even if the actual OpenBSC software is never distributed in the sense of the GPLv2/GPLv3.

From our point of view, the AGPL makes much more sense for software used to operate communications networks than the plain GPL. Other projects like OpenBTS have already adopted AGPLv3 in the past, following the same rationale.

For more details about the AGPL, see

If you want to use OpenBSC to operate a network and are unsure about licensing issues, please contact ​

OpenBSC field test at 27c3 big success

Added by laforge over 10 years ago

The OpenBSC field test at the 27th annual Chaos Communication Congress was a huge sucess. While a full report is still being prepared, statistics from the OpenBSC-based GSM network at the event can be found at FieldTests_27c3

Lots of bugs have been discovered and fixed under the high load conditions at the event. Not all of them are part of the master branch in the git repository yet, but they will all be there soon.


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