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Debian HowTo

This page will describe the entire installation process of OpenBSC under Debian Linux.
This tutorial is based on Debian Netinstall 5.0 but will work with other Debian versions.

To be able to access your OpenBSC machine easily from a remote Terminal, install ssh.
This can be easily done with "apt-get install ssh".

Because OpenBSC relies on mISDN (named ISDN4Linux before) and hfcmulti as an interface to the BS11, it has to be integrated as a module into the kernel.

First of all you will need to download the Linux kernel from [].

Change to '''/usr/src/''' on your OpenBSC machine.
Then simplay do a '''wget []'''

Unpack the archive:  '''tar --bzip2 -xvf linux-'''
and create a symlink to fit the Linux standard conventions: '''ln -s linux- linux'''.BR

Now change to linux- typing '''cd linux-'''.

Download Haralds kernel patch which is needed to change some specific protocol stuff in mISDN:

'''wget []'''

Now rename the file you just downloaded: '''mv linux- linux-'''.

You are ready now to prepare for the main part:

Install some tools needed to build the kernel.

'''apt-get install libncurses5-dev kernel-package'''

Apply Haralds patch to the kernel:

'''patch -p1 < linux-'''

Now configure the kernel modules with '''make menuconfig'''

Include the ''mISDN'' modules and ''hfcmulti /hfc e1 drivers''.

Save the new configuration to '''.config''' .

You can now try to build the Debian kernel package: '''make-kpkg linux-image --initrd --revision=openbsc01.0''' .

Go a directory higher (cd ..)

and install the new kernel package typing:

'''dpkg -i  kernelpackagename.deb'''

Now you only have to add the dslot=1 parameter for hfcmulti to load with this parameter.
Otherwise OpenBSC will talk on signalling timeslot 15 where BS11 uses 1.

Simply add the following in '''/boot/grub/menu.lst''' :

Add this line to the "Kernel"-line


Save changes and reboot your machine with your new kernel.


''Congratulation, OpenBSC should run fine now!''

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