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anonymous, 02/19/2016 10:47 PM

The HFC-E1 is an E1 controller chipset for PCI bus, produced by CologneChip.

There are a number of cards using this chipset, among others * The HFC-E1 Evaluation Board of ChipCologne * Beronet BN1E1 Card ( * Junghanns.NET SingleE1 card (

Evaluation Board

CologneChip offers a HFC-E1 Evaluation Board, which is used by our project.
Other HFC-E1 cards should theoretically work, too - although this has not
been tested. The card has to support 120Ohms NT mode.

=== Hardware configuration ===

We set the Jumper and termination configuration as follows: * 120 Ohms Termination * 1: off * 2: on * TE Mode Config A (Pin1/2: Rx, Pin 4/5: Tx) * All JP6 and JP1 jumpers between pins 1 and 2 (left)

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