IMPORTANT NOTICE: This page contains information about a legacy version of the Osmocom software. This legacy version is no longer maintained. Please migrate to the active/supported software.

Running OpenBSC without a GSM Basestation

Holger Freyther has written a Software Basestation in Smalltalk. This software is used to re-produce defects but can be generally useful to people that want to understand the Abis protocol spoken between the BTS and the BSC. The Software BTS is implemented in Smalltalk, an modern object orientated scripting language, and there are Debian packages that make installing it easy.

Installation on GNU/Debian 6.0

# Become the superuser of your system
$ sudo -s

# Register the repository
$ echo 'deb ./' > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/osmocom.list

# Trust the repository key 
$ wget --quiet -O /dev/stdout | apt-key add -

# Update and install the packages
$ aptitude update; aptitude install gnu-smalltalk osmo-st-openbsc-test

Using the FakeBTS

# Launching the GNU Smalltalk interpreter
$ gst

# Loading the [[FakeBTS]] package containing the software BTS
st> [[PackageLoader]] fileInPackage: #FakeBTS

# Creating a new bts, configuring it and connecting to a BSC/NITB
st> bts := [[FakeBTS]].BTS new.
st> bts btsId: '1/0/0'
st> bts connect: 'localhost'; waitForBTSReady.

# Using the Testcase class and request a channel
st> test :=  [[FakeBTS]].OpenBSCTest initWith: bts.
st> lchan := test requireAnyChannel

Looking at simple Tests

[] contains an example test to do an IMSI detach.

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