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h1. [[OpenGGSN]]

[[OpenGGSN]] is an implementation of the Gateway GPRS Support Node ("GGSN": element in the GPRS core network.

[[OpenGGSN]] was developed in 2002 to 2004 by Mondru AB and was abandoned for some years before adopted by the Osmocom project around 2010.

h2. Source Code / git repository

The source code is maintained in the osmcoom git at

h2. Binary packages

OpenGGSN packages are created as part of the Osmocom nightly debian builds, see [[cellular-infrastructure:NightlyBuilds]]

h2. Support / mailing lists

Please direct any questions regarding use, configuration or development of OpenGGSN to the mailing list, to which you can subscribe at

h2. Building and using OpenGGSN with kernel-gtp

Ubuntu 16.10, kernel 4.8.0-30-generic is used.

* Installing dependencies and build library @libgtpnl@

On Debian, you can install those packages with:

sudo apt install libtalloc-dev libpcsclite libmnl-dev

Please follow instructions provided at [[]] in order to install these library and projects:

* libgtpnl

sudo make install
sudo ldconfig

* libosmocore
* openggsn

./configure --enable-gtp-linux

Following message is shown at end of the command @ ./configure --enable-gtp-linux@ response:

openggsn Configuration:
GTP Linux kernel support: yes

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