osmo-cbc 0.4.0 released, now with 4G (SBcAP) support

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We're happy to announce release 0.4.0 of OsmoCBC, the Open Source Cell Broadcast Centre.

The major news for this release (aside from the usual series of bugfixes) is the support of LTE/4G via the so-called 3GPP SBcAP interface. This means that emergency messages can now not only sent to a 2G/GSM cellular network, but also to a 4G/LTE network. The support of 3GPP standardized SBcAP ensures interoperability with a variety of different EPC/MME.

Development of this 4G capability was made possibly by a generous grant of the NLnet foundation

Pre-compiled packages for a variety of GNU/Linux distributions are available as usual via our Latest_Builds

For a full changelog, please see


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