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h1. Open5GS-Traces 

 h1. !!!TBD!!! 

 h2. Setup of this example 

 * Ericsson RBS 6402 (eNodeB) 
 * Open5GS (4G network elements) 
 * OsmoHLR with OsmoDia2GSUP (HSS) 
 * OsmoMSC (SMS) 

 h2. Idle 

 When all phones are Idle, one will see the following trace with Wireshark on the link between eNodeB (Ericsson RBS) and MME (Open5GS). 

 !wireshark_enb_idle.png! {{thumbnail(wireshark_enb_idle.png,size=1583)}} 

 The eNodeB (IP is connected to MME (IP via SCTP. Also the eNodeB syncs its clock to NTP server (IP 

 The network is the RAN network in this example. 

 h2. 4G Attachment 

 A 4G phone is attached to the network, using SIM cards that is registered in the HSS. The APN name used is "internet". 


 Lets go into detail: 

 h3. Attach request 


 h2. 4G Detachment 

 The 4G phone is turned off or the airplane mode is turned on. 

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