OsmoCon and OsmoDevCon

OsmoC3 (virtual room during CCC/rc3 time frame)


In times of the global pandemic, we have started a periodic video call as OsmoDevCall


The Osmocom Conference (OsmoCon) is a public technical conference aimed at users and operators of Osmocom based cellular networks.

For more Information, see the pages below:


The Osmocom Developer Conference is an annual invitation-only event where Osmocom developers from various Osmocom projects meet.

It has so far been organized by Harald Welte in Berlin from 2012 through 2017, for more information see the pages below:

For 2017, a discussion has been started at and have resulted in the decision to reduce the invitation-only OsmoDevCon from four to three days, and introdce the new single-day OsmoCon which is open to the general public.

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