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h1. CCC Camp 2019 

 This page is for coordinating around the planned Osmocom village at the CCC Camp 2019 

 The Osmocom village is about the wider Open Source Mobile Communications community in and around Osmocom, which also includes a variety of SDR projects such as gnuradio. 

 h2. Who 

 [please add yourself to this list] 

 * user:laforge 
 * user:horiz0n 
 * user:tnt 
 * user:jolly 
 * user:balister 
 * user:vogelchr 

 h2. What 

 We don't have big plans in terms of facilities.    It's basically just the idea to have the various related people have their tents close to each other. 

 h2. Who brings what 

 Let's collect a list of things that people bring 

 * Coffee maker (jolly)
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