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 h1. OsmoCon 2018 

 *OsmoCon (Osmocom Conference) 2018 is the technical conference for Osmocom users, operators and developers!* 

 For the second time, the Osmocom Conference brings together users, operators and developers of the Osmocom Open Source cellular infrastructure projects, such as OsmoBTS, OsmoBSC, OsmoSGSN, OpenGGSN and others. 

 OsmoCon 2018 is your opportunity to deepen your understanding of Osmocom technology and to meet other people in and around the Osmocom Ecosystem.  

 Join us for two days of presentations and discussions with the main developers behind Open Source Mobile Communications, as well as commercial and non-profit users of the Osmocom cellular infrastructure software. 

 h2. Date 

 *Tentative Date: October 18 + 19, 2018* 

 h2. Venue 

 Hotel Albrechtshof, Berlin, Germany 

 h2. Call for Participation (CfP) 

 The Call for Participation (CfP) will be available at 

 *You can enter submissions until 2018-05-16 22:50 (Europe/Berlin)*. 

 h2. Programme 

 TBD, after the CfP concludes 

 h3. Schedule  

 Expected schedule outline: 
 * October 18: 10am 9am till 6pm 
 * October 19: 9am till 5pm 

 h2. Tickets / Pricing 

 Tickets include 
 * access to all presentations / discussions / tutorials 
 * complimentary snacks, coffee/tea and beverages during the morning and afternoon break 
 * lunch at the venue cafeteria 
 * [[OsmoCon2018_SocialEvent|social event]] in the evening of October 18, including buffet food and beverages 

 Tickets are priced at 375 TBD EUR (early bird rate, incl. (incl. 19% German VAT) and will be available for purchase "here": Please note the 31st of August as the latest possibility for the early bird rate! 


 If you are a *community contributor* to one of the Osmocom projects (or related Open Source projects) and attending unrelated to your professional job, *you can apply for a complimentary ticket*. Please contact and identify your affiliation with the project.    We also expect to have travel sponsorship available, please let us know if you are a community attendee and require funding of your travel expenses. 

 h2. Travel Grants 

 If you are a community member who is involved in development and/or operation of Osmocom based cellular networks and would like to attend but your employer is not covering travel costs, please apply for an Osmocom travel grant by sending e-mail to 

 h2. Organizational Support 

 Event organization and planning is provided by "sysmocom": 

 h2. Venue / Travel Information 

 h3. Getting to the venue 

 h4. By Train 


 h4. By Plane 

 The TXL bus takes you directly from the Berlin TXL airport to the central station (_Berlin Hauptbahnhof_), where you can change into any east-bound S-Bahn train such as S3, S5, S7, S9 and exit two stops later at _S Friedrichstrasse_, which is within walking distance of the venue. 

 Coming from SXF airport, probably best take the S9 which brings you all the way to _S Friedrichstrasse_, which is within walking distance of the venue. 

 Local train services map: "PDF from": 

 h4. By Car 


 h3. Hotels in the vicinity of the venue 

 You have the option to stay right at the conference venue (Hotel Albrechtshof) 

 h2. Conference Code of Conduct 

 All attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers at our conference are required to agree with the [[Code_of_Conduct]]. Organisers will enforce this code throughout the event. We expect cooperation from all participants to help ensure a safe environment for everybody. 

 h2. Video Recordings 

 Thanks to the help of the "C3VOC": (CCC Video Operation Center), we will have video recordings of the OsmoCon2018 talks. 

 The recordings will be linked from the above schedule table, but can also all be found at
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