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miaoski, 03/12/2021 08:43 PM
add myself to the topic of CSFB with Osmocom + open5gs EPC


As OsmoDevCon could not be hosted in 2020 due to the Corona virus outbreak, and it seems it is unlikely we will be able to host one in 2021 either, we are announcing a new Osmo com Dev eloper Call is a new format of online meetings within the Osmocom community (originally discussed in #4928).

The formant serves two major purposes:

  1. technical presentations about osmocom relevant topics - ideally current/recent developments
    • can be pre-recorded to avoid any problems with technical setup, streaming, ...
      #*should ideally have a Q+A session at their initial "airing" during one OsmoDevCall
  2. unstructured supplementary social event (USSE)
    • random chat in audio (optionally video)
    • not recorded, obviously

The recording of the technical presentation should then be permanently made available (like the presentations of our prior OsmoCon / OsmoDevCon).

Not every OsmoDevCall would neccessarily need the two parts, but I think it would be great if we can make that happen. We could also have e.g. a two-weekly schedule for the USSE and a monthly schedule for the technical presentation.

We'd need somebody to volunteer to "manage" the "broadcast" side of this, preferably somebody with at least some prior exposure to online events (like the c3voc).


Friday evening, 8pm CET, every 2nd and 4th friday of the month

The first couple of events hence are:
  • February 26th, 2021
  • March 12th, 2021
  • March 26th, 2021

Venue / Platform

We are currently using infrastructure of KNF, a German non-profit internet organization of which laforge is a member.

The URL to join the meeting is

There currently is no password or authentication, we try to welcome anyone. If this turns out to be a problem, we might lock it down in the future, let's hope that's not required.

Topics (for the "presentation" part)


This is a wishlist of future topics for the "presentation" part:

Topic Possible Speaker Tentative Date
iceE1usb in practice tnt
mult-TRX + frequency hopping in OsmoBTS fixeria 2021-03-12
MS/BS Power control support in OsmoBSC/OsmoBTS fixeria
MSC pooling neels
SGSN pooling daniel
Frame Relay based Gb interface / NS2 laforge, lynxis
VAMOS fixeria, Hoernchen, neels
Distributed GSM neels, osmith
E1 based BTSs using OsmoBSC + OsmoMGW laforge, dexter, keith
Location Services and OsmoLCS neels
osmo-remsim in practice laforge
SIMtrace2 tutorial laforge
pysim-shell laforge, dexter
building wired RF test setups for cellular laforge, mschramm
CSFB with Osmocom + open5gs EPC miaoski (tentative)
Long range telecommunications in HF band rafael2k
Visualizing Osmo* internals with opentelemetry daniel
Hacking binary protocols with Pycrate fixeria
State of TTCN-3 test cases for OsmoPCU pespin
DebugMux: getting baseband logs from old Sony Ericsson phones fixeria, roox
PV solar array generation and house power consumption monitoring with osmo-modbus pespin
userspace tracing / tracepoings using systemtap, USDT laforge
Iridium reverse engineering update Sec, schneider
Review of what happened in Osmocom in 2020 laforge 2021-03-12
A screen sharing peek at TIC A.C. infra in Oaxaca keith
mPCIe and M.2/ngff modem breakout boards laforge, mschramm
SFP experimenter and SFP breakout boards laforge, tnt


We'll move the events from the above table to here once they have happened.

Topic Speaker Date
Cell Broadcast and OsmoCBC laforge 2021-02-26

Code of Conduct

The existing Code_of_Conduct of our previous physical / on-site / presence meetings applies.

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