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This page is used to plan and coordinate regarding the intended Osmocom Developer Conference 2012

= Osmocom Developer Conference 2012 =

Ths Osmocom Developer Conference 2012 ([wiki:OsmoDevCon2012]) is a event '''by project members for project members'''.
As such, the primary audience is people who have been contributing to the project.

It is '''not''' an event '''targetted at users'''.

Attendance requires registration (see below) and notification of acceptance. There number of participants
is limited to about 10 to 15.


March 23rd through 26th, 2012. This is Friday through Monday, to ensure people with regular day jobs
don't have to take off four but only two days.


In the conference room ("Seminarraum") of [ c-base], Berlin, Germany, the Universe.

The meeting / seminar / conference room at c-base is located on ground floor and has windows facing a courtyard,
i.e. it may be possible to set up some (GPS, Thuraya, etc.) antennas in that courtyard, if required.


The format of this workshop is not formal lectures/talks. It's more like "guided discussions", i.e. there are
topics and each topic will get an "owner" who should introduce the topic and lead the discussion related to it.


(if you want to attend, please add your name below ASAP, no later than December 24th):

  • laforge * zecke * jolly * tnt * dieter? * pablo * ahuemer * dburgess00 * horizon * khorben? * vogelchr * steve-m * peter * jan * daniel (/stefan) * chemeris

=== Introduction to GSM/3G Core network protocols (!LaForge) === * Core network protocols / architecture / transactions * The internet-hosted Osmocom internal SS7 network * what do you need to connect to it via M3UA, SUA or M2PA * connecting your BTS+BSC to it * what can you do with it?

=== Core Network protocol implementation (!LaForge) === * Status of implementation in Erlang (osmo_ss7, osmo_sccp, osmo_map, signerl) * Status of Erlang HLR/AUC and possibly MSC/VLR based on that code * osmo-codegen (for auto-generated parser/generator of 04.08) * Status of currently bit-rotting C language (libosmo-asn1-tcap, libosmo-asn1-map, libosmo-tcap)

=== Towards running your own 3G network (Dieter) === * How to talk Iu-over-IP with Ericsson and NSN NodeBs

=== UMTS/WCDMA phone-side (steve-m, Dieter) === * UMTS/WCDMA telephone under our control * TBD

=== Femtocell architectures (Nion, Kevin, Dieter) === * Vodafone / Alcatel-Lucent (RANAP) * SFR / Sercomm / Ubiquisys (UMA/GAN) * AT&T / Cisco / ip.access (URSL) * possible ways to support them * UMA gateway as BSC "replacement" * RANAP implementation in Erlang

=== osmo-bts and sysmoBTS (!LaForge, Andreas) === * quick tour through architecture + code of [wiki:osmo-bts] * availability and pricing of sysmoBTS for Osmocom developers

=== osmo-msc (Holger) === * having one BSC that can talk to multiple MSC * local call routing in osmo-bsc

=== cellmgr_ng (Holger) === * what is cellmgr_ng / osmo-stp ?

Working Group / Discussion

=== OpenBSC important TODOs items === * externalize the database process * make transactions asynchronous * prepare for talking to MAP stack and real HLR later * not only build osmo-bsc, osmo-nitb, but also osmo-msc (just the MSC code) * use intra-bsc hand-over code from osmo-bsc, not only osmo-nitb * more interfactive configuration changes * externalize the RTP proxy / TRAU processing * build a new media gateway that deals with the user plane * externalize the SMSC * support for CSD

=== GPRS for OpenBTS + OsmoBTS (Ivan, Alexander, !LaForge) === * PCU development (for public OpenBTS and osmo-bts) * SGSN completion and improvement

=== VTY improvements (?) === * Incremental updates from VTY code * can we do something in common/shared code to facilitate this?

=== GMR-1 / Thuraya (Sylvain, Dimitri) === * C-band signal intelligence * TBD

=== TETRA (?) === * do we actaully have a need to talk about tetra?

=== Motorola Mo-bis support for OpenBSC (Dieter, !LaForge) === * report from field trip to University of Brno * who wants some Horizon macro BTS?

=== libosmo-netif (pablo) ===

  • libosmo-netif as unified API for signalling + voice

=== OsmocomBB status + round table (Andreas, Sylvain, !LaForge) === * we should try to continue the MTK port * porting of L2 or even L3 into phone * port of code into NuttX * user interface * "transactional" L1

=== Wireshark patches / problems (!LaForge, Pablo) === * how can we accelerate the process of inclusion? * should we provide binary builds of our git branch? * should we move new code to plugins instead of built-in dissectors?

=== OpenBSC regression testing setup === * !LaForge has been building a remote-controlled setup with Ericsson, Siemens, Nokia and ip.access BTS that should be used for regular regression tests * how to automatize this? jenkins integration? who wants access to the system?


=== Airports ===
Berlin has two active airports during OsmoDevCon2012: Tegel (TXL) and Schoenefeld (SXF). Neither of the two
is exactly close to the venue, so pick whatever works best for you.

From SXF you can take local trains (S-Bahn), switch at Ostkreuz into another train and exit at Jannowitzbrücke.
You will need a "Berlin ABC" ticket.

From TXL, you can take the bus 128 to Osloer Straße, and then change for the U8 and exit at Jannowitzbrücke. Alternatively, the TXL bus can drop you at Alexanderplatz, one S-Bahn stop away from Jannowitzbrücke. You will need a "Berlin AB" ticket either way.

=== Train ===

You can take long distance trains to ''Berlin Ostbahnhof'', which is only one S-Bahn stop away from Jannowitzbrücke, where C-Base is located

=== Public Transport ===

Check for maps, fares, etc.

=== Car ===

There is some public parking in Rungestrasse where c-base is located, but it is always very crowded. Parking your car there is thus not recommended.


Berlin has tons of options, from very cheap to plush and expensive. Pick your favourite.

The closest low-end option in walking distance is the A&O Hostel Berlin Mitte, which has both a hotel as well as a hostel: * Hotel: (from 32 EUR per person per night in single room, 18 EUR per person in two bed room) * Hostel: (from 12 EUR per night in a dorm)

There's also Hotel Alameda a few more steps from the venue:

Spectrum License

We will apply for a regulatory permit to use 2 GSM 1800 ARFCN for test + development.

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