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This page is used to plan and coordinate regarding the Osmocom Developer Conference 2013

= Osmocom Developer Conference 2013 =

Ths Osmocom Developer Conference 2013 ([wiki:OsmoDevCon2013]) is an event '''by project members for project members'''.
As such, the primary audience is people who have been contributing to the project.

It is '''not targetted at users'''.

Attendance requires registration (see below) and notification of acceptance. There number of participants
is limited to about 20.


April 4 through April 7, 2013. This is Thursday through Sunday, to ensure people with regular day jobs
don't have to take off four but only two days.


In the rooms of [ IN-Berlin e.V.], Berlin, Germany, the Universe.

The meeting / seminar / conference room at IN-Berlin is located on ground floor and has windows facing east.
In front of those windows is a road + sidewalk which is directly in north-south direction,
i.e. it may be possible to set up some (GPS, Thuraya, etc.) antennas on the sidewalk, if required.
Some kind of pole+stand is required, though.


The format of this workshop is not formal lectures/talks. It's more like "guided discussions", i.e. there are
topics and each topic will get an "owner" who should introduce the topic and lead the discussion related to it.


(if you want to attend, please add your name below ASAP, no later than March 5):

  • laforge * zecke * jolly? * tnt? * dieter? * pablo? * ahuemer? * dburgess00? * horizon? * steve-m? * peter? * chemeris? * kluchnikov? * tsaitgaist? * tobias?

TBD. We will get one key to the rooms and will be permitted access 24 hours per day.

We intend to start at 10am on Thursday, and finish around 5pm on Sunday.

=== Avoiding dehydration during the day ===

IN-Berlin has a fridge with a selection of cold beverages (lemonades, club mate, water, beers) available to be purchased
at extremely low prices (about 1 EUR / bottle). There are tea and coffee-making facilities. They also carry some candy-bar
type snacks. There are several supermarkets within walking distance from the venue, if you'd like to bring your own.

=== Lunch ===

Lunch catering will be brought into IN-Berlin every day. Sponsoring for this will be provided by [ sysmocom GmbH].

=== Dinner ===

Last year there were some complaints that dinner was not organized. Even if there is no sponsoring, it would have been useful to
at least have some reservations. We will take this recommendation and organize something.


=== Airports ===
Berlin has two active airports during OsmoDevCon2013: Tegel (TXL) and Schoenefeld (SXF). TXL is closer to the venue.

=== Train ===

You can take long distance trains to ''Berlin Hauptbahnhof'' (main station), which is only 15mins walking (or 3 bus stops) from the venue.

=== Public Transport ===

Check for maps, fares, etc.

=== Car ===

There is some public parking in Lehrter Str., where IN-Berlin is located, but it is quite crowded. Parking your car might
not be easy, but not as bad as at C-Base last year.


Berlin has tons of options, from very cheap to plush and expensive. Pick your favourite.

The closest low-end option in walking distance (about 7 mins) is the [ A&O Hostel Berlin-Hauptbahnhof].

A more expensive alternative within 15 minutes of walking is [ Motel One Berlin-Hauptbahnhof]

There's also Hotel Alameda a few more steps from the venue:

Spectrum License

We will apply for a regulatory permit to use 2 GSM 1800 ARFCN for test + development.



Video recordings


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