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This page is used to plan and coordinate regarding the Osmocom Developer Conference 2024

Osmocom Developer Conference 2024

Contrary to OsmoCon, the Osmocom Developer Conference 2024 (OsmoDevCon2024) is an event by project members for project members.
As such, the primary audience is people who have been contributing to at least one of the Osmocom projects.

It is not targeted at users.

Attendance requires registration (see below) and notification of acceptance. The number of participants is limited to about 25.


May 3rd-6th, 2024

Time: We will start at 10am in the morning, will take lunch break around 1pm, a dinner break around 8pm and have an open end at night.


Contrary to our past OsmoDevCons (which have all been rather low budget, grass roots events), laforge felt that particularly after the long COVID-related break, it would be nice to do something slightly more fancy: Stay together with the entire group for four days, in a conference hotel.

The selected venue is Van der Valk Hotel Berlin Brandenburg which is actually not in Berlin, but slightly south of Berlin, very near the BER airport. The street address is Eschenweg 18, 15827 Blankenfelde, GERMANY

We will have a 120 square metre meeting room for our meetings. The conference/event hotel has many amenities including a garden as well as spa/sauna, indoor swimming pool, bar, etc.


The format of this workshop is not primarily formal lectures/talks. It's more like "guided discussions", i.e. there are topics and each topic will get an "owner" who should introduce the topic and lead the discussion related to it.

Registration / Who

If you would like to attend, please add your name to the below Requested list ASAP, no later than March 1st, 2024. We will review your request and move you to the Confirmed list if you are eligible.


Name Arrival Departure Requesting free of charge hotel+conference (volunteer) Dietary preferences
osmith Thursday Monday yes (sysmocom) vegan
pespin Friday Monday yes (sysmocom) none
jolly Friday Monday yes (sysmocom) vegetarian


Name Arrival Departure Requesting free of charge hotel+conference (volunteer) Dietary preferences
laforge Friday Monday No (sysmocom) none
keith Friday Monday Probably, yet it is also difficult to 100% confirm b4 March 1st ohne Fleisch
nhofmeyr Friday Monday No (sysmocom) vegetarian
tnt Friday Monday Partially (conf) I'll manage


sysmocom (and likely other sponsors, as soon as we found some) will cover the accomodation (hotel room) for 3 nights as well as conference/catering costs for community members working on Osmocom for fun in their spare time.

However, anyone working professionally with/on Osmocom software for a company is expected to cover the costs, which are:
  • EUR 137 per night in the hotel
  • EUR 149 daily conference rate (fri/sat/sun) + EUR 97 on monday

Included (in conference package)

  • conference room including projector, wired internet and wifi
  • unlimited coffe, tea and soft drinks, juice, mineral water
  • morning break snack (savoury)
  • afternoon snack (sweet)
  • lunch
  • dinner

Included (in room night)

  • "Classic Plus" room
  • breakfast buffet
  • free parking
  • complimentary access to pool and sauna



We intend to start at 10am on the first day, and finish around 3pm on the last day.

The latest tentative schedule can be seen at

Video Recordings

Will likely be availble from

Proposals / Call for Papers

Please make your submissions at

Avoiding dehydration during the day

Coffee, Tee and soft drinks, juice and mineral water are included in the conference package. Alcoholic beverages must be paid individually.


Included in the conference package each day, see above


Included in the conference package on Friday, Saturday and Sunday


If you have difficulties covering your travel costs to OsmoDevCon, please contact to determine if sysmocom or a third party can help you with covering that.


Berlin only has one active airport during OsmoDevCon2024: Berlin Brandenburg International (BER). It is best to take a cab for the ride to the hotel, as public transport doesn't have a decent connection without changing multiple times.

Train / Public Transport

The closest train station is Blankenfelde, served by S2 trains connecting from Berlin main station and Berlin Suedkreuz.

From Blankenfelde train station it is a 12min bus ride to the hotel (Bus 792 to "Dahlewitz, Eschenweg Hotel")


The hotel offers complimentary parking for all hotel guests. The hotel is easily accessible from Autobahn A10 suedlicher Berliner Ring

Who brings what kind of equipment/supplies?

Technical Equipment

Qty Description Who
3 power strips with 10 outlets laforge
1 Fan-less 16-port Ethernet switch for main table laforge
plenty Ethernet cabling in various length laforge
1 Duct Tape laforge
>=1 sysmoBTS (any model) laforge
>=1 nano3G laforge
>=1 RBS6402 laforge
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