Osmocom 2020 Review

General CNI topics

  • VTY: document when a setting becomes active (immediate, after BTS reconnect, ...)
  • osmo-smlc
  • osmo-uecups
  • RIM + NACC support in PCU, SGSN, gb-proxy
  • IPv6 support all over RAN (A, Gb, Iu, Lb, CBSP, MGCP, ...)
  • SCHED_RR configuration via vty
  • automatic VTY refrence (re)generation
  • RPM packages / SPEC files / OBS build CentOS7



  • BS (downlink) power control
  • baseband frequency hopping
  • tons of reports regarding measurement reports
  • EWMA based filtering of power control loops
  • repeated downlink SACCH (3GPP Rel 6)
  • repeated uplink SACCH (3GPP Rel 6)


  • measured default 'calibration' values to get realistic RSSI
  • prbs-tool for making TRX send PRBS (including simulated bit-errors)
  • osmo-trx-ipc using shared memory interface towards hardware
  • proper tx amplitude scaling (power vs. voltage)


  • large number of various CSN.1 encoder/decoder fixes
  • MS RA capability parsing fixes (#4463)
  • properly encode P-TMSI in RR PAGING REQUEST
  • Fix UL-ACK not sent to MS if intermediate UL block is lost
  • 11bit RACH support (EGPRS Packet channel Requeset, #1548)
  • do not encode out-of-range TA value
  • fix RRBP field in packet uplink assignment
  • add support for IPv6 NS-VCs
  • add support for frequency hopping
  • downgrade to DL MCS1-4 when USF for GPRS_only MS (#4544)
  • Get rid of LLC UI dummy blocks following other data (#4849)
  • support GPRS concurrently with EGPGRS (previously only either/or)
  • support Gb interface with IP-SNS
  • NACC (Network Assisted Cell Change) support
  • re-factoring with conversion of more C++ to C
  • lots more work going on (Pau Espin)


  • Support for Ericsson RBS6000 / DUG 20
  • Security: A5/2 had higher priority than A5/1
  • Support for MSC pooling (#
  • Cell Broadcast Scheduling / CBSP
  • Lb interface / LCS
  • frequency hopping fixes / tests
  • CSFB related fixes (repeated EARFCN encoding)
  • ACC rotation, ACC ramping over whole lifecycle
  • many more counters / statistics
  • emergency call pre-emption
  • improvements on LTE neighbor IEs
  • proper osmo_fsm for OML MOs
  • endless hand-over improvements
    • tons of new tests
    • favor moving dynamic TS
  • initial AMR mode fixes
  • ACCH repetition
  • neigbor resolution service (for NACC)


  • CTRL interface (for counters)
  • IPv6 RTP sockets; IPv6 in SDP/MGCP
  • support for E1 / I.460 time-slots (Abis TRAU frames)


  • complete NS rewrite
  • major overall rewrite (now with proer per-BVC FSMs)
  • IP-SNS support
  • SGSN pooling support
  • Gb over Frame Relay support
  • now in its own osmo-gbproxy.git



  • distributed GSM support
  • XOR-3G authentication supprt (e.g. eSIM test profile)

osmo-stp / libosmo-sccp

  • support M3UA without routing context IE
  • IPv6 sigtran support
  • reporting of M3UA level availability/unavailability (SNM)
  • reporting of SCCP level availability/unavailability (SCMG)


  • more real testing
  • working REST interface


  • automatic testing with kernel GTP
    • torvalds/linux.git, net-next.git, Debian 10 kernel
  • sgsnemu net-ns support


  • various protocol correctness fixes
  • support multiple PCU in one LAC/RAC
  • routing of RIM messages between Gb interfaces
  • fix routing of DL traffic in case of intra-RAC cell change


  • SMS correctness fixes
  • more VTY commands for state introspection
  • BSSAP correctness fixes
  • rudimentary NRI / pool support


icE1usb / osmo-e1-daemon

  • hardware is now available
  • firmware, gateware and host software for 1 E1 port
  • DAHDI driver as alternative to osmo-e1d
  • prbs-test
  • superchannel mode
  • error reporting via interrupt endpoint


  • remsim-client-shell
  • ifd_handler as remsim-client
    • make any random PC/SC using application use a remote card
  • bankd: regex matching of reader names


  • various osmo-clock-gen fixes
  • SIU clock breakout board (for Ericsson SIU)
  • various front panels for 3U component carrier
  • ngff-breakout v3 for longer 5G modems (Quectel)


  • python3 migration
  • EF_SPN
  • ACC bit writing
  • EF.HPLMNwAcT writing
  • EF.MSISDN writing
  • support new sysmoISIM-SJA2
  • general support of ISIM application
  • service table helpers for SST/EST/IST
  • use AT command based modem as card reader
  • IMS (ePDG, P-CSCF, etc. ) writing
  • pysim-Shell: interactive command line interface to explore and modify cards

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