SMS between two autonomous networks

  • we store the SMS in a queue/database in the local village to ensure SMS are ACKed as soon as possible to
    • minimize use of radio resource (air time)
    • smooth user experience (SMS can be sent without problems, like in normal network) - even in case of backhaul outage
  • the village-local SMSC then stores the message in its queue and regularly (re-)tries to reach village B
  • there is no queueing in village B in the current proposal, meaning SMS delivery is only successful if both MS B is registered and village A has connectivity to village B at the same time
    • this is now it works in regular GSM networks
    • we could probably also have a queue on the B side, this is TBD

SMS from external network

same as above, with MS-A and MSC-A replaced with some external entity. It starts with the mDNS query to find out where MS-B currently is registered

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