EPDG implementation plan

The big picture

Ideally, we want to reuse existing code whenever possible, rather than reinvent the wheel. Time will tell, if this works out or if we have to rewrite more of it.
  • StrongSwan charon for handling IKEv2 and managing the IPsec SAs in the kernel IPsec
  • Erlang DIAMETER application for all the related interfaces
  • Erlang gtplib for S2b
This means we will have two major "applications" running:
  • charon
  • ePDG (likely in Erlang)

Between those two we will need some kind of non-standard, custom interface. For now I've called it "CEAI" for (Charon External AKA Interface)

Control Plane

  • red color indicates elements / interfaces to be implemented.

User Plane

  • red color indicates elements / interfaces to be implemented.
  • blue color indicates control-plane elements controlling the user plane


MSC UE, sswan, ePDG, PWG, HSS

3GPP Interfaces and Procedures


S2b to PGW (GTPv2C) [TS 29.274]

Create Session Request / Response
Delete Session Request / Response
Modify Bearer Request / Respone (not needed?)
Modify Bearere Command (not needed?)
Bearer Resource Command (not needed?)
Create Bearer Request / Response
Update Bearer Request / Response (not needed?)

SWm to AAA (DIAMETER) [3GPP TS 29.273]

Diameter-EAP-Request (DER) / Diameter-EAP-Response (DEA)
Diameter-AA-Request (AAR) / Diameter-AA-Response (AAA)
Session-Termination-Request (STR) / Session-Termination-Answer (STA)
Re-Auth-Requst (RAR) / Re-Auth-Answer (RAA)
Abort-Session-Request (ASR) / Abort-Session-Answer (ASA)

SWu to UE (IKEv2, ESP) [3GPP TS 33.402]

Gxb to PCRF (not needed?)

3GPP AAA Server

SWx to HSS (DIAMETER) [3GPP TS 29.273 sec 8, 3GPP TS 23.402 sec 12]

Push-Profile-Request (PPR) / Push-Profile-Answer (PPA)
Registration-Termination-Request (RTR) / Registration-Termination-Answer (RTA)
Multimedia-Auth-Request (MAR) / Multimedia-Auth-Answer (MAA)
Server-Assignment-Request (SAR) / Server-Assignment-Answer (SAA)

S6b to PGW (DIAMETER) [3GPP TS 29.273 sec 9]


see above.

custom Interfaces / Procedures



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