osmo-isdntap is a small stand-alone [daemon] program that you can run to create recordings of ISDN calls.

It is part of the retronetworking project.

The program works by passively decoding the ISDN D-channel, specifically the Q.931 call control protocol. Whenever a call is being set up, it starts to capture the B-channel
timeslot allocated to that call. It creates two files, one for each of the two directions of the call. The files contain the raw transparent binary B-channel data.

Currently the only supported ISDN hardware/driver interface is DAHDI.

Currently, only PRI (primary rate) ISDN interfaces are supported.

git Repository

You can clone from the official osmo-isdntap.git repository using

        git clone

There is a web interface at <>

Converting recordings to audio

If you'd like to convert any of the recorded files to audio, you can use the following example
command to do so:

        sox --channels 1 --type raw --rate 8000 -e a-law isdntap-03012342111-03012343038-20221016-212558-8-tx.raw output.wav

The generated `output.wav` file can then be played back with any standard audio player.

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