Raspberry Pi 3U Component Carrier Mount

This project is about mounting a Raspberry Pi embedded Linux computer as a module that can slide into a standard 3U component carrier.

Why would one do that? The primary use case is to use it as control computer for a variety of other component carrier mounted boards. In this case it fits nicely next to the other boards you would like to control, e.g. via USB or UART.

In theory one could of course also assemble an entire component carrier with nothing but such raspberry pi modules, but for this there are already a number of less expensive systems around on the market.

The advantage of this approach really is the capability to mix and match with other modules in this standardized form-factor.

CAD design files

Can be found in the osmo-small-hardware.git repository at


rpi4-bgt-1.jpg rpi4-bgt-2.jpg rpi4-bgt-3.jpg rpi4-bgt-5.jpg

If you install them in a rack, it could look like this:


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