osmo-remsim End-to-end testbed


There is a testbed designed for CI and longterm tests of the whole suite of components(server, bankd, clients). Contrary to the integration tests in TTCN3, this is a setup with real hardware.

It is a small but not minimal configuration:
  • 1x host with 2 x virtual machines, all running debian 10 buster (virtualization is provided by kvm and libvirt)
  • 1x sysmoQMOD board with 4 modems connected via usb
  • 1x SIM card reader with 5 slots using USB CCID
  • bankd vm:
    • runs osmo-remsim-bankd
    • has a forwarded usb device (5slot cardreader)
  • server vm:
    • runs osmo-remsim-server
    • has a netem script in the network sending path - limiting the delay/latency/jitter/bandwith to 'good' VSAT values
  • hostsystem:
    • runs 4 instances of osmo-remsim-client-st2
    • this cannot be done inside a kvm vm due to bugs/limitations forwarding complex usb devices/hubs (sysmoQMOD is a hub with multiple devices behind)


The Qmod has four modems of type "Ericsson F5521gw" installed.

USB Path IMEI iSerial
0:1.2:1.1 356403047628108 1F19DC69A0BA2ED0
0:1.3:1.1 356403047628298 CB2CAC08CC808430
0:1.5:1.1 356403047442294 92AB8EADF3811D20
0:1.9:1.1 356403048357384 0F88AD99DC6F9F90

Actual tests

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