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mazzoo, 02/19/2016 10:47 PM
add LMT connector pinout

How to use LMT * connect serial port of PC with J2 on BS11 using the cable that came with the BS11 * start LMT program

=== LMT rs232 connector pinout ===

If you look at the BS-11 interface (Antenne connectors top), its the upper 8-pin connector:

The four E1 BNC connectors are above here.

(Rx) x x x x (right pin: Gnd)
(Tx) x x x x (right pin: +5V) |

see also [ bs11_power_lmt_cabling.jpg]

Known Versions (and issues?)

=== LMT v4.17 ===

=== LMT v4.21 ===

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