WARNING: Opening or modifying your nanoBTS will render your warranty void and might affect regulatory approval!

nanoBTS 1800

PCB photographs

nanobts1800-front.jpg nanobts1800-back.jpg nanobts1800-baseband.jpg

Debug Port

There is a serial port for debugging. This port can be accessed via one of the two TIB RJ45 jacks, but only after
a small hardware modification has been made. Please reference the following picture for details.

After soldering those two connections, the pin-out of TIB out is as follows:

  • Pin 7: PPC UART Tx (3.3V)
  • Pin 8: PPC UART Rx (3.3V)
  • Pin 10: Ground

You can use any level shifter to get the signal up to true RS323 values, or directly connect something like a FT232.

The port runs at 115200 bps, 8N1

There seems to be some kind of serial console on the device, we haven't yet figured out more details.

nanoBTS 900


nanoBTS 139 (1800 1st gen I guess)

see attachments for hi-res.

nanoBTS 139 - PCB top [small]
nanoBTS 139 - PCB bottom [small]
nanoBTS 139 - PCB closeup and digital baseband [small]

nanoBTS 110A PCS 1900MHz

nanoBTS 110A PCS 1900MHz with 4 blown capacitors @ power supply

nanoBTS 110A 1900 - PCB front - blown caps [small]

nanoBTS 110A PCS 1900MHz after capacitor replacement

nanoBTS 110A 1900 - PCB front - replaced caps [small]

nanoBTS 110A PCS 1900MHz back

nanoBTS 110A 1900 - PCB back [small]

nanoBTS 110A PCS 1900MHz back, detail view of area with through-hole components on PCB

nanoBTS 110A 1900 - PCB back detail [small]

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