Cellular Network Infrastructure - Virtual GSM Load Testing

Load testing with many (thousands) of virtual phones


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Virtual GSM Load Testing

This is about development of Load Testing Setup to demonstrate OsmoBSC functionality and performance at >= 200 TRX, >= 100 BTS and thousands of MS.

  • Development of primitive-based asynchronous interface to OsmocomBB ├ómobile├ó program, together with script language (e.g. LUA) bindings for cellselection, location update, SMS and voice calls.
  • Development of voice frame support to OsmocomBB virt_phy, OsmocomBB mobile and osmo-bts-virtual to simulate voice/user plane in addition to control/signaling plane.
  • Development of software to manage (configure, start, monitor, stop) thousands of OsmocomBB mobile instances as well as hundreds of osmo-bts-virtual instances
  • Creation + Documentation of corresponding test suite for automatic execution of load testing

osmo-bts-trx refresh

osmo-bts-trx has been unmaintained for 1.5 years, let's catch up the differences


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