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ipse, 02/19/2016 10:47 PM
Update hardware support with OpenBTS transceiver and a link to the network_from_scratch page.

= OsmoBTS =

OsmoBTS is a BTS-side A-bis/IP, RTP and LAPDm implementation.

It is building up on work done previosuly for [wiki:OpenBSC] (RSL, OML, RTP) and [ OsmocomBB] (LAPDm).

OsmoBTS is written in a re-targettable way, i.e. it should be relatively easy to target a new BTS hardware (i.e. BTS-side Layer 1) with it.

Hardware support

At the moment, OsmoBTS is still under development. So far it supports: * Quad-band femto-BTS product called [ sysmoBTS] which is sold by [ sysmocom] * A number of SDR transceivers, utilizing OpenBTS' transceiver, e.g. [ UmTRX] sold by [ fairwaves]. Check out [wiki:network_from_scratch] page for more information how to run OsmoBTS with the OpenBTS transceiver. * A pretty crazy experimental BTS hardware based on two OsmocomBB phones had originally been supported, but needs to be re-integrated with core code changes. Check out [wiki:network_from_scratch] page for more information how to run OsmoBTS with the OsmocomBB phones.

Source code

The source code is available from (module osmo-bts).

Public read-only access is available via
git clone git://
You can browse it via cgit:


OsmoBTS was developed mainly by Andreas Eversberg and Harald Welte.

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