Software installation

The signal processing part is based on gr-gsm project, which is represented by a set of GNU Radio blocks for GSM. So, first of all you need to install GNU Radio with compiled-in UHD driver support.

1. UHD driver

Follow the "Installing and/or Building UHD" section of official project documentation. After the installation, make sure that your device is recognized properly:

$ uhd_find_devices
$ uhd_usrp_probe

2. GNU Radio

Follow the official documentation describing the process of installing GNU Radio.

Please note that despite GNU Radio is available as a binary package on most Linux distributions, such binaries may be outdated. Make sure the version you're installing is up to date! It is also possible to build GNU Radio from source.

As soon as you have done, make sure you have at least the following components:

  • python-support
  • gr-digital
  • gr-filter
  • gr-blocks
  • gr-uhd

You can use the following command to get build info:

$ gnuradio-config-info --enabled-components

3. GR-GSM transceiver

The transceiver implementation is a part of the master branch of GR-GSM now. The information about installation process and list of dependences can be found in the project's wiki. We recommend to build it from source:

# Get the source code
$ git clone
$ cd gr-gsm/

# Configure and compile
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make

# Install
$ sudo make install
$ sudo ldconfig

4. OsmocomBB

You need to compile OsmocomBB with the TRX interface support. Please refer the corresponding wiki page.

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