From 02/11/2016 to 03/11/2016


09:57 AM Feature #1658 (Closed): make random 5-digit MSISDN generation optional
currently, every subscriber is allocated a random 5-digit MSISDN when auto-created.
Allow for subscribers without ...
09:56 AM Bug #1657 (Rejected): adding already-existing subscriber crashes OsmoNITB
Adding a subscribe via VTY command seems to be able to crash OsmoNITB if that subscriber already exists? laforge
09:55 AM Bug #1656 (Closed): deleting subscribers doesn't seem to succeed
VTY command for deleting subscribers appears to succeed but does not remove subscriber from database. laforge
09:46 AM Feature #1653 (Resolved): KPIs for OsmoNITB
Some of those below will be in libbsc, some in libmsc:
libbsc: using network_chan_load()
* TCH blocking (%): 0 % no...
09:22 AM Feature #1647 (Closed): New authorization policy "matching IMSI"
Right now we can only operate in either
* completely open mode, accepting all subscribers
* completely closed mode ...


03:57 PM Bug #1604 (Closed): Easier / more direct SIP integration
The MNCC interface in OsmoNITB is not specifically tied to LCR, but LCR is so far the only program that implements it... laforge
03:51 PM Feature #1595 (In Progress): Addition of an Iu-CS interface
03:51 PM Feature #1595 (Closed): Addition of an Iu-CS interface
With an Iu-CS interface, we can attach 3G RAN such via a RNC or a HNB-GW. It would be the next logical step to the BS... laforge
03:50 PM Feature #1594 (In Progress): Split of BSC part from CoreNITB part
03:50 PM Feature #1594 (Rejected): Split of BSC part from CoreNITB part
Right now we have a stand-alone OsmoBSC with Abis and A interface, but we don't have a stand-alone core network witho... laforge
03:49 PM Feature #1593 (Closed): UMTS AKA support
Even over a GSM/GPRS RAN, most phone today can perform mutual authentication based on UMTS AKA.
libosmocore also a...
03:49 PM Feature #1592 (Closed): VLR in libmsc, to connect to HLR asynchronously
OsmoNITB is currently still stuck with an internal synchronous HLR database. This needs to be done asynchronous in or... laforge
03:48 PM Bug #1591: libdbi is buggy and slow, get rid of it
migrated to laforge
03:48 PM Bug #1591 (Closed): libdbi is buggy and slow, get rid of it
libdbi seemed like a good idea at the time, but in reality we always only used the sqlite3 backend, and libdbi causes... laforge


10:47 PM Bug #72 (New): struct gsm_call can leak..
During BTS testing I saw that gsm_call appears to be leaked.
sysmoBTS... configure the bind IP wrongly so ...
10:47 PM Bug #70 (New): nitb crashes in the rtp_proxy when a phone on a MT-call sends a 'CONNECT' before the CRCX ACK came back
Using the [[FakeBTS]] it is possible to crash nitb on a MT-call. It appears to that if the MS sends a CALL CONFIRMED ...
10:47 PM Bug #54 (New): osmo-nitb keeps rtp-proxy socket open in case no DLCX_IND is sent
sysmobts was sending a wrong DLCX IND, this kept the rtp proxy socket open, on second call the code sends a MDCX earl...
10:47 PM Bug #48 (New): Periodic timer and paging
We set the lac to invalid in case paging fails but this should be co-ordinated with periodic LU. Right now we 'purge'...
10:47 PM Bug #38 (New): subscr_update should sync database before dispatching the signal
The subscr_update routine should synchronize the database before dispatching the signal. Right now the db code to fin...
10:47 PM Bug #37 (New): RTP Proxy dealing with SSRC change and sequence numbers
The rtp_proxy.c code should detect if the SSRC of the input is changing and only then determine the difference in seq...
10:47 PM Bug #28 (New): Old siemens phones cannot make voice calls (04.08 channel mode)
Some older Siemens phones, notably the S11, implicitly reject the 04.08 CHANNEL MODE MODIFY from signalling to VOICE ... laforge
10:47 PM Bug #21 (New): we don't see CHANnel ReQireD from motorola EZX phones at call setup
This is very weird. The EZX phones like E6, A1200, etc. can do a successful LOCATION UPDATING procedure, but after t... laforge
10:47 PM Feature #18 (New): store last location identity to database
for every location update request we get, we should store the info in the db:
* the previous TMSI, if it is containe...

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