OsmoSDR Firmware

The OsmoSDR firmware is written in C language. It uses a modified version of the Atmel-provided sam3u drivers (at91lib).

There are multiple firmware images available, providing different interfaces towards the host PC.

Firmware Variants

There are multiple firmware images available, providing different interfaces towards the host PC.

standard (usb-audio) firmware

The standard firmware image exports a composite USB device with two interfaces:
  • A USB standard audio class device (for actual received baseband samples)
  • A USB CDC-ACM serial device (for hardware control like tuning)
The audio class device offers (at least) two sample rates:
  • a high sample rate (1/2/4 MHz) for USB Audio drivers like the ALSA driver included in mainline Linux
  • a low sample rate of 96 kHz (possibly 128 kHz) to work with the poor USB Audio driver of MS Windows OSs

Firmware flashing

There are two methods of flashing the firmware:

DFU firmware flashing

This is currently being worked on. FIXME.

SAM-BA / rum-ba firmware flashing

The sam3u contains a ROM based recovery boot loader called "SAM-BA". To activate this loader,
you have to
  • power down the device
  • close the ERASE jumper
  • power up the device (1 second is sufficient)
  • power down the device
  • remove the ERASE jumper
  • power up the device again
You will now the SAM-BA enumerate on USB using the following parameters:
  • Vendor ID 0x03eb
  • Product ID 0x6124
  • String: "Atmel Corp. at91sam SAMBA bootloader"

The SAM-BA loader exports a CDC-ACM (virtual serial port) interface.

$ ./rumba /dev/ttyACM0 flashmcu loader.bin

h2. Firmware building

* You first need to build and/or obtain a Cortex-M3 [[Toolchain]].
* Next, in addition to osmo-sdr.git you also need a clone of at91lib.git from git:// which needs to be
   on the same level as osmo-sdr.git, i.e. one common parent directory between at91lib and osmo-sdr

h2. Flashing the Firmware

Flash the application partition
dfu-util -d 16c0:0763 -i0 -a0 -D firmware/osmosdr-project/bin/osmo-sdr-test-osmo-sdr-at91sam3u4-dfu.bin

Convert FPGA image:
utils/vmelinearize$ ./vmelin ../../fpga/hw-v2/deploy/usbrx_algo.vme ../../fpga/hw-v2/deploy/usbrx_data.vme > /tmp/fpga.out

Flash the FPGA partition
dfu-util -d 16c0:0763 -i0 -a3 -D /tmp/fpga.out
ignore "Error during download"

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