Firmware build

  • check out at91lib.git and osmo-sdr.git into the same ancestor directory
  • change to osmo-sdr/firmware/sdr-test-project
  • 'make flash'
  • use rum-ba to flash it:
    • rumba /dev/ttyACM0 flashmcu osmo-sdr-test-osmo-sdr-at91sam3u4-flash.bin

Firmware usage guide

Serial console

On the serial console, you can enter three types of commands:
  • actions denoted by ! at the line end
  • getting a value, denoted by a ? at the line end
  • setting a value in key=value notation

A list of commands can be obtained by entering ? on an empty line

Enter always re-sets the parser, so you can abort any unfinished command with enter


 > tuner.init!
 > tuner.freq=88300000
 > tuner.gain=2,2,2,2,2,2
 > tuner.freq?


Supported commands:
tuner.init  --  Initialize the tuner
tuner.freq  --  Tune to the specified frequency
tuner.gain  --  Tune to the specified gain
tuner.flt_bw_mix  --  Filter bandwidth (Mixer)
tuner.flt_bw_chan  --  Filter bandwidth (Channel)
tuner.flt_bw_rc  --  Filter bandwidth (RC)
si570.freq  --  Change the SI570 clock frequency
si570.dump  --  Dump SI570 registers
fpga.dump  --  Dump FPGA registers
fpga.pwm1_div  --  PWM divider, Freq = 80MHz/(div+1)
fpga.pwm1_duty  --  PWM duty cycle
fpga.pwm2_div  --  PWM divider, Freq = 80MHz/(div+1)
fpga.pwm2_duty  --  PWM duty cycle
fpga.adc_clkdiv  --  FPGA Clock Divider for ADC (80 MHz/CLKDIV)
fpga.adc_acqlen  --  Num of SCK cycles nCS to AD7357 is held high betewen conversions
ssc.start  --  Start the SSC Receiver
ssc.stop  --  Start the SSC Receiver
ssc.stats  --  Statistics about the SSC
ssc.dump  --  Dump SSC DMA registers

Taking a capture

1. flash the firmware
1. connect the device to usb, it should enumerate as usb audio device
1. connect to the UART
1. issue the following commands once

You can re-tune the frequency and/or issue other commands while the transfer of samples is running.

The bottom green led under the antenna socket should be dark green, not completely off.

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