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 h1. [[OsmoSGSN:]] 

 Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN).    As such it implements the GPRS Mobility Management (GMM) and SM (Session Management). 

 The SGSN implements 
 * the Gb interface to the BSS's (like the [[OsmoPCU:]] or an ip.access [[OpenBSC:nanoBTS]]) 
 * the Gp interface with its GTP protocol to one or more Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN) like [[OpenGGSN:OsmoGGSN]]. 
 * the IuPS interface with its RANAP protocol to one onre or more RNCs or HNB-GWs like [[OsmoHNBGW:]] 
 * the [[cellular-infrastructure:GSUP]] Interface/Protocol towards [[OsmoHLR:]] 

 [[OsmoSGSN:]] is available from the repository.    In order to build it, you will need a libgtp installation from the 
 [[OpenGGSN:OsmoGGSN]] project. 

 h2. Position in a typical Osmocom network 

 For a more complete graph, see [[Cellular-Infrastructure:Osmocom Network In The Box]] 

 digraph G { 
     rankdir = LR; 
     OsmoBTS -> OsmoBSC [label="Abis/IP"]; 
     OsmoBSC -> OsmoMSC [label="3GPP AoIP"]; 
     OsmoBTS -> OsmoPCU [label="pcu_sock"]; 
     OsmoPCU -> OsmoSGSN [label="Gb/IP"]; 
     OsmoMSC -> OsmoHLR [label="GSUP"]; 
     OsmoSGSN -> OsmoHLR [label="GSUP"]; 
     hNodeB -> OsmoHNBGW [label="Iuh"]; 
     OsmoHNBGW -> OsmoMSC [label="IuCS"]; 
     OsmoHNBGW -> OsmoSGSN [label="IuPS"]; 
     OsmoSGSN -> OsmoGGSN [label="Gp"]; 
     OsmoGGSN -> Internet [label="Gi"]; 
     OsmoSGSN [color=red]; 

 h2. Setup / Configuration 

 For more information regarding the setup + configuration, refer to [[cellular-infrastructure:OpenBSC_GPRS]] 


 h2. User Manuals 

 * User Manual: 
 * VTY Reference: 

 h2. Source code 

 The source code is available from (module @osmo-sgsn@). 

 Public read-only access is available via 
 git clone git:// 

 You can browse it via cgit: 

 Contributions are welcome via [[cellular-infrastructure:Gerrit]]. 

 h2. Test Suite 

 We have a TTCN-3 test suite as part of our [[cellular-infrastructure:Titan_TTCN3_Testsuites]] 
 * source code: 
 * results: 

 h2. Contact / Getting Help 

 Contact us via the @osmocom-net-gprs@ mailing list, see [[Cellular-Infrastructure:Mailing Lists]]. 

 You can file issues (bugs / feature requests) using the redmine project you're currently viewing. 

 h2. TODO list 

 For details see the Issue tracker above.    Roughly, Roughtly, the following areas are in need of attention: 

 * secondary PDP contexts 
 * persistent storage of GMM and SM state 
 * recovery from GGSN outages 
 * SMS delivery via GPRS 
 * network-initiated PDP context activation 

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