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OsmoSGSN (also spelled {{{osmo-sgsn}}} when referring to the program name) is a Free Software implementation of the GPRS
Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN). As such it implements the GPRS Mobility Management (GMM) and SM (Session Management).

The SGSN connects via the Gb-Interface to the BSS (like the [wiki:osmo-pcu] or an ip.access nanoBTS), and it connects via the GTP protocol
to a Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN) like [wiki:OpenGGSN].

OsmoSGSN is part of the openbsc git repository. In order to build it, you will need a libgtp installation from the
OpenGGSN project.

Setup / Configuration
For more information regarding the setup + configuration, refer to [wiki:OpenBSC_GPRS] TODO list * use the OsmoNITB HLR to identify (and possibly authenticate) subscribers * secondary PDP contexts * persistent storage of GMM and SM state * recovery from GGSN outages * SNDCP header and data compression * use proper XID exchange and actually use the results to configure the LLC SAPIs * GEA3 encryption * SMS delivery via GPRS * network-initiated PDP context activation
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