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laforge, 08/17/2018 02:17 PM
remove most of the page as we now have osmo-trx-lms

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h1. Building OsmoTRX for LimeSDR from source
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This page used to contain instructions on how to build osmo-trx[-uhd] with uhd, soapy-uhd, soapysdr and LimeSuite on an Ubuntu 16.04.
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Since meanwhile, @osmo-trx-lms@ has been introduced, there is no longer any need for this complex chain of dependency.  With @osmo-trx-lms@, @osmo-trx@ can directly use LimeSuite without any intermediaries such as UHD, SoapyUHD, SoapySDR or the like.  If you're interested in the previous instructions for the older versions, please look at the History of this wiki page using the "History" tab above.
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Also note:
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