Installing Software

If you want to install additional software on Linux inside the modems, there are many different options:

Use OE to build a cross-compiler / SDK

This way you first use OE to build a cross-compiler matching your target platform (based on the OE recipes released by Qualcomm, Quetel or Sierra Wireless) and then use that cross compiler to build the additional software.

You will end up with binaries of the libraries + executables which you need to copy to the target device.

Use OE to build packages

This is the preferred method. You can create your own feed of packages (or use other third-party package feeds) and use the opkg tool to install additional packages.

Adding opkg to the EC20

On the EC20, Quectel ships the packaging information in /var/lib/opkg, but has removed the opkg program from the firmware itself. You can re-add opkg by doing the following:

  • extract the data.tar.gz from the following packages (you can use
    • libopkg1_0.1.8+svnr633-r7.0_armv7a-vfp-neon.ipk
    • opkg_0.1.8+svnr633-r7.0_armv7a-vfp-neon.ipk
    • opkg-config-base_1.0-r0_9615_cdp.ipk
  • copy them to the modem using adb push
  • extract them to the root directory of the modem

If you're successful, you can use opkg-cl list-installed to get a list of the already installed packages on your modem.

Adding more software is straight-forward by simply installing the .ipk files using opkg-cl install or by going as far as to generating your own package feed and adding its URL to /etc/opkg/ configuration.

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