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DISCLAIMER: No information here is officially provided by Qualcomm, Quectel or other modem manufacturers. It is the result of independent third-party research and should be taken with a a grain of salt

Qualcomm based cellular data modems wih Linux

This is the place where we gather information about the Quectel EC20, EC21 and EC25 modules, as well as other Qualcomm based cellular modems with built-in Linux processor.

Please help us to grow this resource for the benefit of the general public.

It is a shame that Qualcomm doesn't disclose proper documentation for their products to the general public. There are many possible applications and use cases which are possible once more information about those devices is publicly available. Having the power of running customer/user-specific programs inside the Linux in the modem is very powerful, and can for example eliminate the use of a dedicated external processor in many M2M/IoT applications.

Wiki structure

Please see the below auto-generated hierarchical index of wiki pages:

related reading

33C3 Talk by Holger Freyther and Harald Welte

At 33C3:"", Holger and Harald first publicly presented about this project.

Information sources

All information here is based on publicly found documents on the internet as well as studying the source code released by Qualcomm, Quectel and others as well as bits of reverse engineering on the devices themselves. We commit to legal forms of reverse engineering, such as running software in emulators, using tracing and debugging facilities.

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