ANSI Artwork

ANSI artwork is a kind of low-resolution graphics that is created using the ANSI character set and its related color capabilities. It is typically made for the traditional 80 columns x 24 rows character mode display available on PC graphics cards. (24 rows as the 25th bottom row was usually occupied by the status line of the Terminal_Program.

ANSI artwork can exceed far beyond its ancestor of ASCII artwork.

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ANSI artwork can be created entirely by hand in a text editor, but it is relatively cumbersome to do so.

Over time, dedicated software for the creation of ANSI art was established.

The most well-known software at the time is probably TheDraw

TheDraw is long unmaintained/abandoned.

Today, there are open source alternatives such as

and closed source programs like

  • REXPaint (win32 only, but good support via wine)


ANSI art logo makers can also be utilized to create simple banners:

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