Siemens DAG 64

This is a special type of modem ("Daten-Anschalt-Geraet") for use not in the public PSTN/telephone network, but in a parallel leased line data network Datex-L, possibly also for Datex-P.

In those networks, the modem did not have to transport data over hundreds or thousands of kilometers end-to-end to the called party, but only on the last mile between the central office for data exchange and the subscriber. This is why higher bitrates (like in this example 64kBps) could be achieved, which were never reached over end-to-end telephone lines.

Siemens_DAG64_front.jpg Siemens_DAG64_top_pcb.jpg Siemens_DAG64_bottom_pcb.jpg Siemens_DAG64_daughterboard.jpg Siemens_DAG64_Einstellanleitung.jpg

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