isdn4linux historical CVS archive

Added by laforge 5 months ago

Thanks to Fritz Elfert, we were able to acquire a full CVS backup of the no-longer-accessible CVS server

We manually created mapping tables for CVS user names to real names / e-mail addresses and used cvs2git to import those into git repositories for contemporary viewing, analysis and long-term archieval.

The results can be found in our gitea, individual repositories linked below:

In case you're interested in the above, you might also be interested in our previous re-construction of the u-isdn history

New Retronetworking Project: Software-Defined Uk0

Added by laforge 6 months ago

Osmocom developer jolly has started a new project for implementing the central-office side of the ISDN U (Uk0 in Germany) interface using a sound card with 192kHz samplerate.

Using this setup, you can connect an ISDN NT for BRI (NTBA in Germany) to your sound card, and provide ISDN services via mISDN.

Some basic information about a first proof-of-concept can be found at Software_Defined_Uk0; stay tuned for more information.

photo_2022-03-24_18-48-24.jpg photo_2022-03-24_18-48-46.jpg photo_2022-03-24_18-49-08.jpg photo_2022-03-24_18-50-02.jpg photo_2022-03-28_19-36-49.png

There is no real documentation yet on how to reproduce this, but code can be found at (SDR PHY for Uk0) and (mISDN port to make use of the former).

German Historical FTZ Standards for ISDN, SS7 and more

Added by laforge 8 months ago

A number of previously unavailable historical German national standards related to (mainly) ISDN have been uncovered and are now availale as PDFs from (and in more structured presentation with metadata at German_FTZ_ISDN_Specifications).

The standards include, among many others
  • 1TR6 - German National ISDN variant of the 1980ies, before Euro-ISDN was introduced in the 1990ies
  • 1TR7 - German National SS7 dialect
  • various physical layer specs for interfaces such as S2M, V2M, Uk0, Uk2, UG2 and more

    Also available in: Atom

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