Welcome to the retronetworking project. This project aims at collecting information about old, now mostly defunct (and hence retro) networking technologies. Back from the days where not everything was Ethernet, and when there was a plethora of LAN, MAN and WAN technologies around.

This is very much a work-in-progress, started by laforge with his collection of related equipment and the work to put it all into operation. Contributions are extremely welcome.

We're using this redmine project management system as it provides a way to collaboritively share information in this wiki, as well as the issue tracker to keep track of tasks.

Child Projects

Some topics have a sufficiently independent scope so that it made sense to create redmine sub-projects for those. Each has its own wiki and issue tracker.

Name Description
bbs-revival Dial-up to BBSs via analog modems and ISDN
octoi Osmocom TDM over IP

IRC Chat

We have started a #retronetworking channel on - If you don't know much about IRC, feel free to use the provided webchat interface

Mailing List

We now have a public mailing list for discussion among interested parties. The list has a public archive

Alternatively, there is also the Forum built into this redmine, see the "Forum" button in the title bar above.

Child Pages in this Wiki

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