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h1. 36C3 

 This page exists to coordinate the Retro-Networking / BBS-Revival setup at 36C3, the "36th annual Chaos Communication Congress": 

 The "BBS-Revival / Retronetworking" assembly 
 * has been registered at 
 * has a 36C3 event wiki page at 
 * it is located in Halle2, please use c3nav and look for "Retronetworking" 

 There's also a related thread on the mailing list, see 

 h2. WTF? How can I use this setup? What is this for? 

 The ratoinale for this setup is to re-discover (or discover, if you're of younger generations) how data communications and early internet access worked in the 1980ies and early to mid 1990ies.    The dialup experience. 


 h3. Physical Connection to our telephony network 

 First you have to get physically connected: 

 * you can bring your own computer/terminal and modem and connect to our PBX via anlog (POTS) or ISDN (S0) 
 * you can bring your own computer and borrow a modem (and USB Serial adapter) to connect 
 * you can simply use one of the retro laptops we set up with modems attached 


 h3. What can I dial into? 

 You can dial the number *03111* from both ISDN and analog lines. If the dial-up connection works, you will receive a "login:" prompt which we use to differentiate services: 

 |acid|You get forwarded to "ACID Underworld on Searchlight BBS":| 
 |ppp|You get a dynamically allocated IPv4 address over PPP and can use dial-up internet at up to 64kBps. You can also simply start to send PPP frames, which will automatically trigger the 'ppp' user. There is no password.| 
 |vert|You get forwarded to "Vertrauen BBS":, home of the Synchronet BBS software| 
 |kuehlbox|You get forwarded to "Kuehlbox BBS":| 
 |evsfy|You get forwarded to a bbs operated by evsfy ( use 'guest' as username + password| 
 |telnet|You can telnet to any BBS on the internet by entering the IP / hostname| 

 We are planning to add more services as 36C3 progresses. If you'd like to offer any specific service, we can either offer you analog or ISDN lines so you can operate that service with your own modem, or we can ofer telnet/rlogin or raw TCP break-out from our RAS. 


 h2. Equipment used in this setup 

 * [[Auerswald_COMmander_Basic2|PBX]]    with analog and ISDN ports 
 * [[Livingston Portmaster 3]] RAS with DSP cards (30 modems) 
 * FreeSWITCH with 4-port DAHDI E1 card using FreeTDM + libpri to interconnect both above 
 * Synchronet BBS by LaF0rge 
 * Various analog modems 

 h2. Who 

 * Harald "LaF0rge" Welte
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