Auerswald COMmander Basic2 Electronics


As we can see, there are the following main components:
  • Digi International NS9360 ARM926 SoC (NS9360.pdf) with SDRAM (2x Samsung K4S281632I-UC75) + Flash (ST NAND512W3A2BN6)
  • TI TMS320VC5501 DSP (tms320vc5501.pdf) with its own RAM (ISSI IS61LV641G-10TL)
  • Lattice LFEC1E programmable logic for interfacing with the bus/backplane
  • various smaller bus latches/drivers

Auerswald_COMB2_mainboard1.jpg Auerswald_COMB2_mainboard2.jpg Auerswald_COMB2_mainboard_detail.jpg

8 S0 Module

As can be seen clearly on the picutre, it uses the CologneChip HFC-8S 8-port S/T interface IC. There's a lattice glue logic chip for interfacing with the backplane bus, and the analog frontend + magnetics sections for 8 ports. Four ports have jumper blocks to change the NT/TE cross-over, while the other 4 ports are static.

Auerswald_COMmander_8S0_top.jpg Auerswald_COMmander_8S0_bottom.jpg

4 S0 Module

This is basically just a partially populated 8S0 module, using a HFC-4S chip instead of the HFC-8S.

Auerswald_COMmander_4S0.jpg Auerswald_COMmander_4S0_top.jpg Auerswald_COMmander_4S0_bottom.jpg

8 a/b Module

This is a design around the following two Infineon PEB 2466H SICOFI4-µC Four Channel Codec Filter with PCM and Microcontroller Interface, datasheet at PEB,PEF 2466 Hardware Ref Manual.pdf

The bus glue / attachment is done with discrete logic using chips of the 74HCxxx series.

The analog line interface features
  • MC34074 operational amplifier, datasheet at MC34071-D.PDF
  • MOC3023X opto-coupler with triac output, datasheet at MOC3023X.pdf

Auerswald_COMmander_8ab_top.jpg Auerswald_COMmander_9ab_bottom.jpg Auerswald_COMmander_8ab.jpg

S2M Module

The S2M (PRI) module is centered around an Infineon PEF2256E FALC56 E1/T1/J1 Framer and Line Interface chip, datasheet is at PEF-2256.pdf. This is one of the most common E1 framers on the market.

The glue logic for interfacing with the backplane/bus is implemented in a Xilinx CPLD.

Auerswald_COMmander_S2M_top.jpg Auerswald_COMmander_S2m_bottom.jpg

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